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What is Valium ?

Buy Valium Online which can be used to treat anxiety, muscle spasm, alcohol withdrawal, seizure. Valium belongs to the family of drug called benzodiazepines which acts on neurotransmitters in the brain makes feel relax and pleasant. Buy Valium online with credit card which is available under other trade names which are Diastat, Diastat Acudial, Diazepam Intensol and its generic name is Diazepam.

What are the uses of Valium?

Buy Valium 10mg Online is used to treat anxiety, mood disorders which include agitation, confusion, depression.

The medication is prescribed to treat alcohol withdrawal when a person is addicted to it.

Epileptic seizure and other personality disorder can be treated with it.

It is also prescribed to relieve muscle spasm in lower back, neck or in other body parts. It can also be used for sedation pre or post surgeries or other medical procedures.

How does Valium Works?

Order Valium online which belongs to the family of tranquillizers which act on neurotransmitters present in the brain. It generally improves Type A GABA neurotransmitters which slows down brain activity and create calming effect and promotes sleep. Buy Valium online without prescription to reduce anxiety as it exhibits anxiolytic property. It also shows the property of anticonvulsant which works as a mood stabilizer and thus helpful in seizures.

It also acts as a muscle relaxant which reduces the no of motor impulse which carry pain sensation.

Dosage of Valium :

Valium 10mg dose differs as per the severity of cause for which it is used. It also depends on weight, age, and other medication taken along with it.

For Adults

2 to 10mg tablets at every 6-8 hours in a day to treat anxiety.

For alcohol withdrawal, 10mg is given on first day of treatment, after which it can be reduced to 5 to 3mg.

2 to 10 mg is recommended at every 4-6 hours to treat muscle spasm.

10mg is prescribed for sedation purpose before medical operations.

For Paediatrics

The medication is not prescribed for babies up to 6 months.

0.5-0.8 mg /kg at every 4-6 hours is prescribed to treat muscle spasms and for sedative purpose.

0.5mg/kg at every 4-6 hours is recommended to treat seizure.

For Geriatrics

The medication is started with 2-2.5mg in each 12 hours and can be increased gradually if needed.

It is not recommended commonly for older age people for longer use.

Side Effects :

There may be some common side effects of taking this medication which include drowsiness, confusion, breathing problems, loss of coordination, unusual tiredness, change in vision. Some adverse side effects of taking this medication are mental disorder, slurred speeches, trouble walking, problem in urinating, yellowish eyes or skin. Some times severe allergic reaction may occur which include rashes/ itching or swelling of eyes, lips, face or throat. One must immediately consult the doctor if any of these undesirable effects are observed.

Warnings :

If a person has personal or family history of lungs disease, muscles disease, breathing problems, mental disorders, glaucoma, liver disease, renal impairment must not be prescribed with the medication.

Alcohol or any other beverages containing any amount of alcohol may lead to severe dizziness or drowsiness.

Valium During pregnancy and Breastfeeding

Valium is categorised as second most risk causing drug during pregnancy. It is classified as Category D drug which may potentially harm foetus or could have other birth defects. And so, it is not recommendable to pregnant mothers. It is only prescribed for short term on lower dosage if benefits outweigh the risk of taking medication.

Since the medication passes to breastmilk and have undesirable effects on nursing infant. It should be avoided because clearance in neonates are very less than in adults.