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Showing all 4 results

What is Yellow Xanax ?

Yellow Xanax Bar is the alprazolam tablet and belongs to benzodiazepine class of drug. This Xanax bar is prescribed for the treatment of anxiety disorder and panic disorder. It is also recommended to treat phobia as it works on brain and the central nervous system.

Yellow Xanax Bar :

The alprazolam pill of yellow colour is Yellow Xanax Bar. Xanax Bar is available in different colours with different strength. Yellow Xanax Bar has strength of 2mg and is rectangular in shape with four sides. It is similar in strength with White Xanax Bar. Companies manufactures Xanax Bars in different colours like blue, green, pink, peach, white. Their shape also varies. As per the current street price, per 2mg of the tablet cost $4.

However, the yellow Xanax Bar sold in streets may be fake and can cause dangerous results if taken regularly. The fake Xanax Bar is contained with opioid called Fentanyl. Fentanyl act as heroine even 100 times stronger than it.

Yellow Xanax Dosage :

Yellow Xanax dosage generally depends on the reason why Xanax is taken. One dose of yellow Xanax remains in the body for 11 hours. Xanax comes under the category of extended release tablet taken for relieve. It comes in two form. One is tablet which can be taken with water, and another one is in the form of liquid as concentrated solution.

How Is Yellow Xanax different from White Xanax?

One dose of yellow and white Xanax bar has same strength i.e.2mg. Both Xanax bar have the same after effect. The only difference observed by the consumer is the White Xanax remains in the body for more time while the person consuming Yellow Xanax bar is aware in sleep.

Yellow Xanax Side Effects :

Consuming Xanax Bar for a longer time could have harmful effect on liver. In body, Xanax is cleared by liver. So, taking it for a longer time lead to enzyme production by liver in excessive amount. These enzyme act as protein for body cells and excess production of enzymes may lead to permanent liver damage.

Yellow Xanax with alcohol

Xanax when taken with alcohol may have some dangerous side effects. It should be consumed after 2-3 hours of consuming alcohol. It becomes a case of overdosage of drug and may have fatal results. Xanax bar and drug both slows down the brain activity and when combined causes over-sedation and may lead to death sometimes.