Valium 10mg


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What is Valium 10mg?

Buy Valium 10mg online which is prescribed for the treatment of anxiety, alcohol withdrawal, muscle spasm, and seizure. Valium 10mg is a blue colored tablet rounded in shape which works as an anti-anxiety agent and belongs to the family of tranquilizers. The tranquilizers come under the class of psychoactive drugs order valium 10mg online whose generic name is diazepam. There is another strength formulation of Valium which comes as Valium 2mg, Valium 5mg, Valium 10mg.

What is Valium 10mg prescribed for?

Buy Valium 10 mg online which is the most potent formulation of Valium and is prescribed for the following-

It is used for the treatment of severe anxiety disorder or increased stress level which can be known by symptoms like shaking, sweating in palms and feet.

Valium 10mg is prescribed for alcohol withdrawal, epileptic seizure, and other mental disorder.

The medication is prescribed to treat musculoskeletal pain or pain in joints.

It is also given before surgical procedures for sedation or to relieve stress in the patient.

How Valium 10mg works?

Valium 10mg is a benzodiazepine which enhances GABA neurotransmitters and slows down brain activity. It is an antidepressant which improves mental disorder and makes feel sleepy. Buy Valium 10mg online without prescription as an anxiolytic which inhibits anxiety and reduces stress level. It also reduces pain sensation involuntary muscle by preventing the motor impulse to reach the brain.

Dosage of Valium 10mg

Order Valium 10 mg online which is classified as category H medication. It starts working within 30-90 minutes after taking and is effective for the next 3-4 days. The pediatrics and geriatric people are not recommended with this potent medication to prevent the adverse effects of it

If someone missed a dose, he/she should try taking it earlier than the next dose time. It cannot be doubled in anyways.

In case of overdosage, one should immediately consult a doctor or call the poison control center to reverse the effect of it.

Side effects of Valium 10mg

There may be some undesirable effects of taking this medication in which the commonly observed are


Anxiety and agitation

Deep sleep


Lack of balance



Some severe side effects may be there which occur rarely include irregular heartbeat, nausea, convulsions, dry mouth, trouble walking, decrease in urinating frequency, blurred vision. Diarrhea and irritability are also observed rarely.


Valium 10mg is the stronger formulation of diazepam which may be habit-forming if used for a longer time. It may lead to emotional and physical dependence.

Valium 10mg is not recommended for pregnant women as it may cause harm to the fetus. If there is no alternative than to take Valium 10mg, one must tell the gynecologist or supervising physician.

Valium 10mg is not prescribed for breastfeeding mothers as it may cause withdrawal symptoms in the nursing infant.

The medication after taking for more extended time must not be disrupted abruptly; otherwise; withdrawal symptoms may occur which include behavioral disorder, convulsion, agitation, and anxiety.



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