What is Tramadol used to treat?

What is Tramadol ?

What is tramadol – Tramadol is a drug that has capabilities to cure severe painful feelings of a person. The drug is for those who think it is too difficult to get rid of their pain easily. Also, the drug is not suitable if a person is having just a normal pain.

Tramadol is also known as an analgesic. An analgesic means a drug that somehow interacts with the signals of pain in a person and changes how a person feels. This way the drug stops the feeling of pain and rather releases some hormones that make a person feel relaxed. The drug is said to bind to the sensitive receptors found in the brain of a human body. These receptors aim at transmitting the many signals communicated to the brain and let the brain feel all the happenings of the body.

Why people buy Tramadol?

The question of why people buy Tramadol online can be answered as people often do not get a solution for their unbearable pain and such pain becomes a hurdle in their life. To treat such a pain of a person, the medication of this analgesic works just so well that people prefer to buy this medicine.

How a person should take Tramadol?

A person is recommended to take the medicine as prescribed by a trusted source. If you fail to follow the proper and right instructions, then you may suffer from side effects or even health problems.

A person should always start from a low dose and gradually aim at increasing the dose when he/she may really need a higher dose. Also, you should always stick to the recommended dose and never take extra doses even if you do not get relief from the medicine. You should rather get prescription of a higher dose, then you may get a higher dose.

Doctors may recommend you a scheduled dosage of Tramadol 50mg if you severely suffer from a pain in your body. Also, the drug is never advised to children of age younger than 12 years.

The drug should also be not used if you had a surgery or injury because of which you might be having body pain. A person may have removed his/her tonsil because of which he/she may have pain and the medication of Tramadol is not suitable in such a case.

Those children who are aged under 12 to 18 years that are underweight should also avoid this medicine.

Also the people who have breathing problems should also forbear the dosage of this analgesic.

Side effects of Tramadol include:

  • Nausea
  • Drowsiness
  • Itching
  • Diarrhea
  • Spasticity
  • Rash
  • Indigestion
  • Euphoria
  • Visual disturbances
  • Sweating

Such side effects are some conditions that can get triggered if there is any problem. The side effects are most possible when a person is having a weak immune system.

Is Tramadol Harmful?

There can be many people who might say the medication of Tramadol is harmful but here we are going to tell you if it is harmful or not.

The medication of Tramadol is fully safe and not harmful at all when people take it in the recommended dose. Also, the harmfulness depends on whether a person avoids the warnings of the medicine or not. If you also avoid the warnings and continue to take the medication, then you may also have harmful effects of this medicine.

People who suffer from depression and have thoughts of suicide should also avoid the intake of this medicine. These people are likely to start taking overdose and which can ultimately result in health loss.

Also, the medicine has effects of dizziness in which you should not try to do anything that requires your full attention. You may also need to avoid driving your bike or car as the effects of dizziness can make you lose control over your vehicle. A second of loss of consciousness is very harmful while driving a bike or a car.

Dosage of Medicine

A person who wants to treat his/her pain with this analgesic should take around 50 mg or 100 mg of dosage based on the level of pain. Also, a person should always keep in mind his/her health and age while deciding the dosage of this medicine. Also, if you are a person who is going to take an analgesic for the very first time, then you may want to aim at starting the dose with a lower strength dose.

Tramadol comes in the forms of: Tramadol 50 mg, Tramadol 100 mg, Tramadol 200 mg, Tramadol 300 mg with tablet forms and capsule forms.

Interactions of Tramadol with other medicines

The medication of tramadol is very effective and can react with other medicines at the same time.

Quinidine- The medicine Quinidine decreases the effectiveness of Tramadol. You can have the effects of Tramadol minimized with 50% to 60% if you take it with Quinidine.

Carbamazepine- The medicine Carbamazepine also has effects that reduces the effects of Tramadol. So, if you really need to get relief with the help of Tramadol then you should stop the medication of Carbamazepine.

MAO inhibitors- MAO inhibitors means Monoamine oxidase inhibitors that interact with the effects of Tramadol and rather cause some side effects. There are no such reports of effects of Tramadol decreasing with MAO inhibitors but it can rather cause side effects that can be harmful. The side effects can be like seizures or breathing problems.

If you are taking any antidepressant or any other painkiller or even a different opioid, then you should seriously avoid the medication of Tramadol.


The drug Tramadol is fully safe if a person takes it properly or a person can develop addiction to it. This is possible when a person administers the medicine in an increased dose. During the medication, if you feel that you have become dependent on the medicine, then you should seek help of a doctor. The doctor may administer you some other medicines to treat your addiction and help you get rid of such addiction.


People should also remember that taking extra doses of this medication can also result in an overdose of the medicine. In such a case, a person is likely to suffer from the following problems:

  • Shallow breathing
  • Slowed heartbeat
  • Dizziness
  • Extreme weakness
  • Narrowed pupils
  • Respiratory depression
  • Loss of consciousness
  • Cold and clammy skin

Such side effects of Tramadol medicine can show up if you decide to take extra doses or an overdose of this medicine. So, you better avoid taking increased dose of the medicine. If you still somehow get into any of these condition, then you should rush to a medical help.

Withdrawal of Tramadol

The people who once start taking the medicine at regular basis should be careful for the stoppage of the medicine. Your body needs some time to stop taking the dose and suddenly stopping the medication can cause harm to your body.

Missed dose of Tramadol

If you ever forget to take your scheduled dose, then you must know that you should only take the missed dose if you still have enough time to take it. Many people may double the dose thinking that they missed a dose so they should take double doses instead. But, you should never do this at least. Taking double doses would rather cause overdose symptoms that are harmful.

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