Frequently Asked Questions

Who are we?
We are one of the top sellers of generic medicines in the US. We target healing customer with the top class medicines that work the best.

How safe are these medicines?
All the medicines that are sold over our website are preferred by a huge number of people and are proved to be very effective and safe. So you can always depend on the medicines that we provide to get the best results for your health condition.

Do you have to pay online?
There is an option for cash on delivery that you can choose if your order exceeds $100. This is one of our ways to win the trust of our customers. So, you never have to worry about paying online and getting into a scam.

What are our return policies?
If you find any of the medicine expired or in non-consumable condition, then you can always choose to return back the medicines to us.

Is it safe to consume medicines provided by us?
We always aim at the safety of our customers so we always recommend the safe quantity of the different medicines that our customers should consume. And medicines, when taken in the right quantity, would never be harmful to any customer.

Can you contact us if you have any doubt?
The best service of ours is that we are available 24/7 for our customers’ support. You can always choose one of the modes of contacting us such as leaving a mail on our email ID or making a call to our customer care number.

How do you get medicinesĀ on cheap prices?
Our customers have always loved the cheap prices of medicines that we have provided them with the best quality of medicines. All you have to do is to be our regular customer and you would be getting the best discounts on almost all the medicines that we provide.

How do you know about your order status?
We have a separate tracking service with the help of which you can always track your order. You can know the real-time position of your order and when it will arrive at your address.

Can you get medicines in any area of USA?
Yes, we provide deliveries to every part of the USA for your well being. So, it should not be a big concern for anyone.